Factors Associated with the Incidence of Hypertension in Productive Age (15-64 Years) in Andalas Village, Padang City in 2023


  • Viola Partisia Alifah Health Science Collage
  • Afzahul Rahmi Alifah Health Science Collage
  • Alkafi Alkafi Alifah Health Science Collage


Physical Activity, Incidence Of Hypertension, Smoking Behavior, Stress Level


Non-communicable diseases are quite a big health problem, one of which is hypertension. In 2021, the prevalence of hypertension in Indonesia will be 34.1%. In 2022 the city of Padang will occupy 2nd position at 22.4%. Of the 23 health centers in Padang City, hypertension in the productive age group was highest at Andalas Health Center at 30.2%. This study aims to determine the factors associated with the incidence of hypertension in productive age (15-64 years) in Andalas Village in 2023. The research method used is quantitative with a cross sectional study design. The research was conducted in March-August 2023. Data collection was carried out on 25 July-5 August 2023 with a population of all productive ages in Andalas Village of 252 people. A sample of 72 respondents used the simple random sampling method. Data was collected through questionnaires with interviews. Univariate and bivariate data analysis using the Chi-Square test. The research results showed that 58.3% of respondents had hypertension, 73.6% of respondents had no smoking behavior, 58.3% of respondents had light physical activity, and 55.6% of respondents were stressed. The results of statistical tests show that there is a relationship between physical activity (p = 0.015) and stress levels (p = 0.045) with the incidence of hypertension in productive age. Meanwhile, smoking behavior has no significant relationship with the incidence of hypertension in productive age in Andalas Village (p = 0.752). Physical activity and stress levels are among the factors that influence the incidence of hypertension in productive age. It is hoped that the Andalas Community Health Center staff can reduce the number of cases of hypertension by increasing physical activity such as holding gymnastics activities and providing education through counseling to manage stress well.