Relationship Between Knowledge Level, Food Handlers' Attitude and Food Supervision on The Implementation of Food Hygiene Sanitation in Street Vendors at Purus Beach Padang, 2023


  • Wegi Elma Nopriandani Alifah Health Science Collage
  • Asep Irfan Alifah Health Science Collage
  • Nailul Hikmi Alifah Health Science Collage


Sanitation Hygiene, Knowledge, Attitude, Supervision


As many as 55.8% of food processing places in Purus Beach Padang did not meet the requirements in 2021, in 2022 it increased by 61.3%. The study aims to determine the relationship between the level of knowledge, attitudes and food supervision on the application of food sanitation hygiene to street vendors at Purus Beach Padang. The research design was a cross sectional study with a population of all street vendors selling 177 foods, where sampling used simple random sampling technique with a total of 53 people. The research was conducted on June 10-28, 2023 at Purus Beach Padang.  Data were collected using a questionnaire with interview and observation methods. Data analysis was univariate and bivariate. The results showed that 69.8% of vendors had an unqualified application of food hygiene sanitation, 64.2% of street vendors had a low level of knowledge, 60.4% of street vendors had a negative attitude and 86.8% of street vendors had poor food supervision. Based on the Chi-square test results, there is a significant relationship between knowledge level (p=0.000), attitude (p=0.000) with the application of food hygiene sanitation, and there is no significant relationship between food supervision and the application of food hygiene sanitation (p=0.179). So it is hoped that the Health Office will provide counseling to street vendors on how to apply good hygiene sanitation when selling and conduct food supervision so that traders can maintain the quality of food to be sold.